Life Sciences Podcast

Who are today’s visionaries and tomorrow’s leaders in Canada’s Life Sciences sector? What are they doing and how did they get there? Listen as Jim Wilson sits down with notable leaders, innovators and disruptors who are working on the Next Great Big Ideas in Biotech, Genetics, Medtech and Life Sciences.

Gordon McCauley

AdMare Bioinnovations

Cate Murray

Stem Cell Network

Ella Korets-Smith

Virica Biotech

Bruce Squires

McMaster Children’s Hospital

Bettina Hamelin

Ontario Genomics

Parimal Nathwani


Chris Bryson

New School Foods

Michael May


Geoff Evans


Ryan Wiley

Shift Health

Mitch Sivilotti


Drew Marquardt

University of Windsor

Maura Campbell

Ontario Bioscience Innovation Org.

Bruno Paquin

AtomVie Global Radio Pharma

Darby McGrath

Entos Pharmaceuticals

Maura Campbell

Vineland Research & Innovation Ctr.

Lisa Porter

University of Windsor

Glenn McCarthy

Labworks International Inc.

Alex Muggah

Synapse Consortium

Sabrina Fiorellino

Fero International 

Jason Field

Life Sciences Ontario

Brigitte Nolet

Roche Canada Pharma

Derek Newton

University of Toronto

Scott Phillips

StarFish Medical

Ty Shattuck

McMaster Innovation Park

Ian McDermott

University Health Network

Josh Pottel

Molecular Forecaster Inc

Jay Levine


Aaron Styles

Environment Systems Corporation