May 2024

Lab-Testing Startups Brace For FDA Rule Change

Food and Drug Administration ruling will increase development costs for lab tests, but some entrepreneurs and investors welcome the shift…

May 2024

Western University Researchers Unlock Potential 'Cure' For ALS

New research out of London, Ont. is shedding light on a potential cure for ALS,  where targeting the interaction between two proteins can halt or fully reverse the disease’s progression…

May 2024

UOttawa Breaking Ground On Newest Health Research & Commercialization Hub

New interdisciplinary state-of-the-art facilities will make Ottawa hotbed of health innovation…

Apr 2024

Canada’s Big Science Facilities Look For Signs Of A New Deal

Now, with a federal budget looming, those who operate big science facilities in Canada are asking Ottawa to come up with a better way to keep facilities open…

Mar 2024

Lack Of Private-Sector Investment At The Heart Of Canada’s Economic Mediocrity

The TSX has deeply underperformed U.S. stock benchmarks, closely tracking the widening gap between the two countries’ economic growth readings.

Oct 2023

The Five-Day Office Week Is Dead

Working from home is here to stay. I can prove it with data — lots and lots of data showing that returning to the office…

Aug 2023

Meet The ‘Dead Zone’ Workers

After over three years of working when they are most productive, instead of during fixed office hours, employees are…

Aug 2023

Decline In Office Dress Codes Is Good

While dress codes were already shifting before COVID-19, with Silicon Valley and the rest of the tech world spearheading…

Jul 2023

Remote Hiring Outpaces Office Jobs

Many bosses seem convinced that remote work is hampering productivity. But companies with remote or hybrid policies..

Jun 2023

Gov. Funds For Regenerative Medicine

The Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program has been on my mind lately…

May 2023

Flexible Work Is Feminist

It is hardly a coincidence that the demographic which benefited most from the old system has expressed…

May 2023

Rapid Advancement Of Technology

The pace of competition between the great powers is accelerating far faster than we could’ve imagined…

May 2023

W.H.O Ends Global Health Emergency

The decision has little practical effect but is a significant moment in the struggle against the virus…

April 2023

Tools to End Diabetes

Canada has the ability to launch the shots that lead to next-generation medical treatments…

April 2023

Toronto Apartment Rents Surge

The average monthly rent for a Toronto apartment hit $3,122 in March, a dire sign of the worsening…

May 2023

Vancouver's Life Sciences Industry

BC is Canada’s fastest-growing life sciences sector, employing roughly 20,000 people…

April 2023

Attracting workers to the office

To reverse the popular working-from-home trend resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, companies across the country…

April 2023

Innovation & Economic Development

Quantum science and technologies are at the leading edge of research and innovation…

May 2023

Giving People Control

Providing people with greater control over their workspaces and environment is now more important than ever…

April 2023

Discovering new antibiotics with AI

Antibiotic resistance, which has made several infections harder to treat, is one of the biggest…

April 2023

Canada Biomedical Research Fund

The Canada Biomedical Research Fund and the Biosciences Research Infrastructure Fund will help ensure…